Sansa media converter and linux :(

Hi i am running on a linux os (ubuntu)

I have no problem putting music on my player but I cannot put the sansa media converter for pictures and videos on my linux os, so i cannot access the converter to put videos and pictures on my player. I have a sansa e280 v2

is there another program or converter that will easily work on linux for the sansa player or something like it?  if so does anyone have a link to a converter for linux?

These related threads brought me to the video4fuze solution which allows video to be converted for Sansa Fuze on ubuntu

You’re in luck.  The e280v2 will handle video exactly as the Fuze does, so Video4Fuze will work beautifully in the Ubuntu environment.  Enjoy your video!!

The v2 is esentially a Fuze inside an e200 shell, now how cool is that!

The Sansa Media Converter is written for Windows only.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Is this still ok right now?Does this have no issue?