My fuze and Linux.


My sansa works fine, and works beautifully with ogg and mp3. But there is something wrong. SanDisk supports Linux, although, no software has been created for it, so I cannot watch videos on my fuze. Luckily, a piece of software written in python, has emerged that converts any video format into the sansa format. It works nice. But would it be too much to ask for an offically made converter on Linux, or Mac for that matter? Also, rockbox works good too. Thanks subversion!



Dragos240, it would be interesting to know what is the name of the linux software you are using to convert videos :slight_smile: And what flavour of Linux you are on? I’m using LinuxMint.

I doubt SanDisk would ever make an “official” Linux conver as you just said there is a nice Linux utility for converting video. Most of the mp3 players makers are Linux and Mac shy - they are mostly Windows oriented and do not regard Linux and Mac users as creating any good revenue.

Written in python? :smiley: I think he’s talking about video4fuze. it’s the graphical solution to the problem that sandisk doesn’t fully support non-windows platforms…

There also a script ( made by ewelot which does the same, but in the command line.

When I created video4fuze I didn’t think that most of its users would be on windows, because they didn’t actually need it - there’s alreade Sansa media Converter. But it seems it sucks… (I haven’t tried it, so i’m basing my opinion in what i’ve read here in the forums).

Next version of video4fuxe will work without issues on mac. I may even upload a mac “binary”. But you’ll have to wait a little, as currently I don’t have too many time to dedicate to video4fuze…