Is there a "Linux way" to get movies onto the Fuze?

Good morning -

I’ve googled around a bit and get the impression that there are problems with the Sansa Media Converter even in Windows, and fewer options for uploading movies to the Fuze in Linux?

Has anyone had any luck with Handbrake?  I’ve been experimenting with Handbrake to make “high Profile” (described as “all the bells and whistles” in Handbrake) files in the .mkv and .mp4 containers, but don’t know if there are any settings that will make Fuze-compatible video.

If this has been covered recently, perhaps someone could be so kind as to post a link?

Thanks -

You have two options to convert videos for the Fuze on Linux: first have a look at my tutorial and then you could try either or video4fuze. Good luck …

OK, thanks, I’ll print that out and see if I can make it happen…