Handbrake and Fuze

Good day!

I posted over at the Handbrake Forums, asking if there was any chance of a Sansa preset like the ones they have for Apple.  Apparently this won’t happen, but they’re introducing a new trick that might be helpful -


I don’t know what would be involved in figuring out how to configure the presets.  Anybody interested in trying it out? 

I set up the Handbrake repos so my lappy gets the latest and greatest version.  I’ll keep an eye out for this new feature.  Sheesh, maybe it’s already there!  Better go look…

Nope, my version’s 2848

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I’ve never used handbrake, but it seems to be yet another transcoder. in ewelot’s tutorial post you have all the video specifications needed for the fuze. The tricky part is the avi container: it must have a rare kind of openDML index, AFAIK only possible to achieve with free software with Avi-mux GUI (despite it’s windows-only, but we have wine…).

Find out if handbrake can do what the fuze needs. if yes, I promise to make handbrake available as a backend for video4fuze :wink:

Hi, ss -

I just posted on the 14-page video4fuze thread.  Our main home PC runs XP SP3, which seems to be the most compatible version of Windows.  Our Ubuntu 9.04 laptop (Acer 5920) also seems to fit into the general category of compatible hardware & OS.

Both the *nix and Windows versions of video4fuze appear to be working quite nicely.  Thanks very much for all your hard work.  I have no idea what it took to build v4f, but you da man.

I looked at the release notes for the upcoming version of Handbrake.  It looks like they’re getting ready to dump .avi support.  They say it’s old and buggy.  I don’t know how that will affect things.

Who knows?  Maybe Sansa will write a good firmware update that makes the Fuze more omnivorous.  Until then, your efforts are much appreciated!!