[Request] WMP video converting

I was wondering if in a future firmware you could either make the video player less picky about the format, or send the video conversion information over USB to WMP because I have a bunch of videos, and using a seperate application is just kind of annoying…

I just think it would be a lot mnore useful!

The correct parameters for ffmpeg/avidemux/mencoder/… might also be helpful.

Yeah, I was thinking of that, too! Actually they don’t need to give us the parameters, just make it less picky!

(I  just said WMP because I don’t sync with my Ubuntu computers)

My guess is that there’s not much room for fine-tuning the player’s pickiness via firmware updates as the video decoding or at least large parts of it are probably implemented in hardware.

It’s gonna be a few more years until portable devices like the Fuze adopt the gimme-what-u-got-and-I-will-play-it attitude of current stand-alone DVD players. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that does make sense, I was just requesting it on the slight chance that it is possible!