Sansa Media Converter Not Working

I have a problem with my sansa media converter. When i open it, this instantly happens when i try to open it

Don’t bother with SMC. Uninstall it and get 


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It works for playlist and photos but not videos.

When i convert a video this happens

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 

You should ask in the video4Fuze thread linked above.

Are you using Win 7 ?  I found SMC wil only work good on XP.

I think after 9 months the OP either found a solution or sought other diversions.

“Wine” suggests it was not WIndows 7 but Linux simulating Windows.

Just as a footnote, Sansa Media Converter version 4.256 works fine in the Windows 7 environment.  I haven’t run it in a little while, but I just loaded a test file successfully.

The 4.256 release has the black background interface; the 4.236 version is the blue background one I prefer for the e-series Sansas, since it has the cool cropping tool for photographs.

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When I clicked on the link it said 

Node 0 was Not Found

@musiclover7531 wrote:

When I clicked on the link it said 

Node 0 was Not Found

Did you try using the Search Function here? If you type video4fuze into it, the 2nd result is the latest version (v0.6).

Takes alll of about 7 seconds to find it . . . 10 if you’re a slow typist. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when I can’t find my nodes.

When the Forums were redesigned, many of those individual  hyperlinks were zapped, giving you this message.  If you run into this, simply type the key words or phrases into the blank unlabeled box in the upper right corner of this page.

It’s currently set up to begin searching as you enter the phrase, pretty cool stuff.

Oh one last thought.  The Sansa Media Converter has been hidden in a warehouse somewhere, like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  You can only find a copy by installing the Sansa Updater, then plug in your Sansa, and it will locate the SMC while the Sansa is plugged in to the USB port.  If there’s a problem at this point, pethaps switch the Sansa over to MTP mode.  In this mode, the computer can access the Secure ID assigned to the device.

The Sansa Media Converter will pop up as an available update, check the little box, and download will continue.

Yes, the Bobster has workarounds for you.  You can transfer photos using the Rhapsody 4 client (you don’t have to subscribe), use the Import Photos into Library function.  Lastly, Windows Media Player can transfer photos as jpg images too, as long as the size isn’t too big.

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SMC is garbage and a huge program to have to download, let alone uninstall/redownload/reinstall which is what SANSA will tell you to do. I mean, if you use it and it works why should it stop and not work?? Go with the video4fuze but it won’t send the video to your Fuze like SMC does. You have to have a destination folder and “manually” send the AVI files to the video folder on your FUZE. Otherwise it works and it works fast. I’ve struggled with SMC for the last time, SANSA!!!

Thanks tbill.  Yer right, SMC is CRAP.  I have tried it on two different OS’s (Windows Vista & Windows 7) and it doesn’t work.  It let’s me add files to the que, but the convert button is not clickable no matter what type of video I try.  That was actually one of the high points to me buying the Sansa Fuze+, is the free video converter.  Way to go Sandisk.  :frowning:

I did download and install “video4fuze” and thank you again tbill, it’s FANTASTIC!  Works like a charm.  I don’t mind manually putting in the files.  I prefer it to be more hands on that way.  I hate programs like iTunes and the program that came with the Fuze+ which requires Sync’ing.  I do like being able to do it manually.  It’s a nice option to have for some of us old schooler’s.

@sydonai wrote:

That was actually one of the high points to me buying the Sansa Fuze+, is the free video converter.  Way to go Sandisk.  :frowning:


You can use just about any video conversion software with the Fuze+. SMC is not required.