Sansa Media Converter glitch

When ever I plug my Fuze in, Media Converter says it only has 0.0MB or 0.1MB left on the thing when I have 3.7 gigs left. Since it says I practiaclly not space left I can’t put videos and pictures in. How do I fix the glitch?

Convert video using Winavi, then just drag and drop everything you want onto your player. Pics, mp3s, vids, ect. SMC is the worst software ever written for use with a portable device. Half the Fuze owners can’t get it to work right, and the other half can’t get it to work at all.

Ideal settings for Winavi:

224x176@20fps using the default codec. Also helps if your videos are already in Xvid format prior to converting with winavi. Saves the trouble of having to get extra codecs for winavi. 

You could try unplugging the Fuze and restarting the computer. I had this problem the other day w/ my e260 and this fixed it.