Sansa Media Converter freezes at 50%

I am using Windows XP SP3, Sansa Fuze Verson V02.03.31A, Windows Media Player version 11.0.5721.52.68, Sansa Media Converter version 1.0 B004.256CDG

3750 MB (the 4GB Sansa Fuze), 2921 MB of which is “free”

I have two .wmv video files (340 MB, 238 MB) I am trying to add to my Fuze.  I open the Sansa Media Converter, click “Add media”, click to “Open” one of the files, and then click “Convert”.  Everything appears to be going fine until the top bar reaches 50% (every time, no matter the file).  Here it freezes.  No error messages.  No failure notices.  It just gets stuck at 50% until I have to cancel it.  I’ve let it sit at 50% all night long hoping maybe I was just being impatient, and it was stuck at 50% all night long. 

I’ve used Any Video Converter ( to convert the files to .avi and to .mp4 formats to see if it changes anything, but I kept getting “Unfinished” messages almost immediately after hitting “Convert”.

From reading online, it seems like this is a common problem and some have suggested the following:  update Quicktime to most current version (I did that), download and install K-lite codec pack (I did that)

I haven’t been able to convert a single video file onto my Fuze.  What do I need to do?

You could try one of the alternatives to SMC.