Sansa Media Converter error

Have downloaded the media converter, but it randomly closes as I am trying to convert photo files.  I get the error message: The instruction at 0x73dd11c7 referenced memory at 0x00000004. the memory could not be “read”.  Click on OK to terminate the program. 

I thought I could uninstall then reinstall…but can’t find the media converter in my programs list.  Can anyone help me?

What Operating system and Service pack are you using? When did you install SMC? When you tried to uninstall it did you just look at your programs list or did you go thru the control pannel?

I’m on windows xp media center edition 2004…not sure of service pack.  Installed SMC on Christmas morning when the kids got Fuzes from Santa :)  I went to control panel, then add/remove programs.

Sounds like it somehow got uninstalled. Just try and reinstall it. If it says it cant then you need to do some manual searchin for the installed files and delete them and then reinstall

THanks, I’m going to try a reinstall to see if that fixes it.