Media Converter Stopped working

Sansa media converter stopped working?

It was working last night and earlier today. all of a sudden when i was converting some songs it stopped and when i tried to start it up again it said searching sansa media converter .exe. and wont open up

i even tried reinstalling but it always has a error at 37% saying it cant find sansa .exe. and gives me the option to abort,continue,or retry

everytime i retry itll give same error

if i abort then well i wont have the convereter

if i continue anyway then if i try to use it itll say im missing .exe. file

i could give  uthe exact file name but i dont think that matters

Mines doing the exact same thing and it just started doing so.

It did work previously but i got the white screen problem and had the player replaced but now it has the problem mentioned above.

help appreciated


I have had something similar recently.

After converting maybe 50 youtube video avi files to large-size sansa avi files, I tried one particular one and it would always just “stop working”. I’d Add Media (only the one file) and the whole Media Converter program would jsut disappear off my screen!  finally, after about 5 tries, my computer went to blue screen of death with a whole lot of scary messages about Stop Error and how serious it was.  I sent the Error Message to Microsoft where they will, I’m sure, give it top priority in their “round file”.

Anwyay, I rebooted and apprarently there are no lasting issues, I removed SMC from my hard drive and re-downloaded and installed it.

It converts the file without any problem now.  but the very next one I tried to convert, it just stopped working.  It did not disappear liek before, it just totally froze itself with semi-visible graphics (it looks like you took an exacto to the SMC screen and left hoels in it here and there).  Can’t even right-mouse-click “close”…just totally frozen.  All other apps working fine.

So reboot the whole machine again. 

It is just a very odd and glitchy app; there’s no way around that.  Maybe we just have to see it as a Freebie.  Worth about what you pay for it.