sansa media converter and file conversion

Will the Sansa Media converter software allow me to use my Sansa c200 to listen to my books???  Will the software convert .aa files ???

The Media Converter is only for Video and Photos.

If you have Audible books in .aa format, what you need to do is convert your books to a portable format, like mp3.  From the Audible Manager, you can add Nero into the equation, which will integrate with the Audible Manager client.

At one time, Audible offered Nero 7 as a package, with a special price.  This solution works for the Sansa e200 version 1 device as well, as it does not natively support the .aa format.  As a bonus, you can write the files to audio CD to enjoy in the car, for example, if you use that format, or as an archival copy of your books.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: