Sansa e250 v1

I recently downloaded a book from to my windows media player then sync’d it to my sansa e250 v1 player.  Windows confirmed that is was indeed downloaded to player.  I can’t find it nor listen to it.  How can I do that?

Let’s first make sure of the format of that audio book. is not a valid contender; in fact, that domain is for sale ($19,995), but I wouldn’t want the subsequent potential fight with over the similar name, much less the confused customers.

If the file you downloaded is indeed an Audible .aa format file, this is not compatible with the v1 e200 device.  This is why I originally migrated to the v2 device with a compatible platform.

For Audible books (.aa) you will need a Sansa Clip, Clip+, or Fuze.  Oh, the wv1 ee Express works too, if you locate one of those.

Let us know if you are dealing with an Audible file, and a v1 machine.  Go to Settings > Info and see if the firmware begins with “01”.

You can play these files on a v1 if you burn them to CD, and convert them to MP3 for your Sansa.  I like to burn my books to CD as a safe backup.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: