audible book ...I learned more-different questions

When I put it in MSC mode-I could load the audible books with windows media 11.  I know they are there-they are using memory

I cannot find them to listen to them-where are they?

Audible does not yet have software for the c250

From what I know, Audible’s proprietary format is not supported on all of Sansa’s players at this time (this includes the c250 - I know, I didn’t realize until after I got mine, bummer).  If you are using a c250, they will not play.  As the device is flash memory and flash memory can store any type of data files, they will take up memory, but as the firmware is written only to display and play .mp3 and .wma files, you won’t be able to see them.  You may have just shot yourself in the foot; could be the only way to get rid of them and free up that memory will be to re-format. 

The only way to play them would be to convert the Audible files into .mp3 or .wma files before loading them onto the device, if this is possible.  I don’t know if there is any software out there that will do this for their proprietary format.

There are many of us suggesting LOUDLY to Sansa to include Audible support for ALL devices in a future firmware update.  Here’s hoping…

The C200 V2 aka C200+ has support for Audible, and MicroSDHC


I just purchased a c250 yesterday, how can I know if it is a Version 2 ?

I bought this one to be used mostly with Audible and it is not on the list of compatible

Thanks in advance

it should say v2 on the back of it somewhere if im not mistaken


Hello, mine does not seems to say V2…

So am I out of luck for Audible files? Or maybe Sandisk will also update the firmware for non
v2 c250 so:

  1. audible is supported?
  2. It supports SDHC micro Sd cards?


the v2 does audible and sdhc.

You can still listen to audiobooks that arent in .aa format, but for that .aa playback, you would need the v2.

I can only assume they wont change the firmware for the older c200s, if they went throught he hassle of creating an entire different version of player. Thats just my guess


I spoke to cust service today and they confirmed the new version should say V2 on the back (just below or next to “made in china”)

They also told me the V2 box should say somewhere that it supports SDHC and audible and that the V2 was widely
available, however I visited 3 big name electronic stores locally that carry the c250 and in none of them the box said anything about SDHC or audibls…  So either they are not widely available as cust service told me or maybe the box does not says that.

For me is a shame I really like this player but I will need to return it and buy another one when the V2s pop out in my area.


P.S. The tech said their programming department was already working on a firmware upgrade for C250 V1 so they support audible *he was not sure about SDHC support for V1 c250)

the tech always say things about firmware, I wouldnt put much weight in it. Im pretty sure they are far from that process. No offense to them, but they only have so much weight they can pull in regards to future firmware and what not

The Audible firmware issue just feels a little unfair for those of us who jumped on board with Sansa before the v2s came out.  I was going to buy a c240 (which I think had Audible) and instead bumped up to a c250 because I found an outrageous sale.  I made the mistake of assuming it had Audible as well.


If you are still under your return period return it to the store, that’s what I will do and wait for V2s to show up in my area…

hey… i just got a c250 also, and was bummed b/c i’m an junkie and didn’t want to lose my entire library… so i downloaded an inexpensive program ($15) at that will convert .aa files to .mp3 and now i’ve got my cake and actually can eat it.  :) 

and actually the program can convert a number of diff file formats - not just .aa files.  good luck!

thats an awesome find