Sansa media convert wont convert songs

Ok so I have a Sansa Fuze 4gb player I just got a few days ago. I have been trying everything to get moives to work on it. I finily got a formate that sansa media converter would take but when I hit the convert butten it comes up with looking like it is working but the bar never moves! I left it going for a hr and it had not moved at all!

This is starting to get crazy…I have tried MP4,AVI and WMV. I set them all to do 20 Frams a sec and 220x176.

What else am I doing wrong?

I’m confused. 

Did you want it to convfert songs?  It wont.  I use Windows Media Player to load mine on.

Movies? It will but only after you convert them first with another program and then you convert them through SMC.

Music Videos?  Those also have to be converted first with another program and then SMC.  Most likely.  The 2 I have on a card were from a dvd and I converted them first with another program and then used SMC.

Sorry I was doing moives. I think I got it to work now though.