Sansa Fuze Updater blank using Ubuntu linux

I’m trying to load up sansa fuze updater so I can use the firmware, I’m using Ubuntu (with wine) but when I load it up its blank.  Do I need additionial plugins?

Why bother with the Updater at all?

It takes all of about 2 minutes to manually update (including downloading & extracting the .zip file), and the Updater won’t be slowing down your system and nagging you every time you plug your player in.

Okay, I know this is an old post but I need help - my fuze has been freezing a lot on the refreshing media screen, and not just for a few minutes, it just doesn’t get passed it.  I haven’t done a firmware update because I am using Ubuntu 9.10.  First, is there anyway to use the updater in Ubuntu, and if not, as said above, how do you manually update the fuze?  I am a little confused.  It would be wonderful if someone could include the .zip file for me because all I am finding is .exe which I can’t extract in ubuntu.


Freezing or hanging up during a database refresh is most likely a file corruption issue or an ID3 tag (or several) that can’t be read. Strange or foreign characters, especially in the Cooments field or the wrong format of tag can be problematic.

I kinda doubt whether updating, or re-installing the firmware will solve the problem.

I’ll admit I’m dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to Linux systems, but an .exe file is self -extracting (at least in Windows). If you double-click on it, it does the work for you. Does it not work this way in Linux?