Sansa Fuze freezes on “Refreshing Database”, can’t update firmware


I had the problem that the Sansa froze on the “Refreshing Database” screen. I tried several things I read here, but nothing worked. So I tried to update firmware. I successfully updated to V01.02.31A. But the problem still occured. So I tried to update (manually) to 02.03.31. But when I disconnect the Fuze, there is no “Updating Firmware” box–it’s just refreshing media and then freezing.

Maybe someone has an idea how to fix it?

by the way, OS: Ubuntu Linux 9.10

You’ve got a bad file on there: something corrupt, something the Sansa can’t read, something it’s just grumpy about. That stops the database from loading. 

Your best bet is to find one of those scarce Windows computers and run Error-Checking. Right-click on the drive, Properties/Tools (tab)/Error-checking. 

If that doesn’t work, you may have to format, which will wipe out any content you have added  (but not the firmware). Either use the onboard command under Settings/System Settings or Format… to FAT32 from Windows. It has to be a Windows format. 

Also, you can’t install 2.x firmware on a 1.x unit. They are different hardware. If 1.x was working for you, reinstall it. 

Then add your content back, a few folders at a time, to see if you can isolate the bad file. 

Thanks for you reply :slight_smile:

I already removed all the content, but it didn’t help :-/ So I’ll try Error-Checking …

Thang you very much – Error-Checking worked :slight_smile: