Sansa Fuze freezes on startup

I got a new 2GB sansa fuze that freezes every time I turn it on. It just says “Refreshing your media” and locks up until I push the power slider for 10 seconds. When I restart, same thing. When I plug it into a computer, It says “writing” then the screen freezes. Windows won’t recognize it. Device manager says error 10.

How do I reset this thing?

To reset push the on switch up as in turning on the device but hold it up there for 15 -20 sec .


That’s the first thing I did. It will shutoff but locks up again when I turn it on.

It may just be taking a LONG time to refresh. On another board I was just reading one guy says his unit was taking over 40 minutes to refresh the library.  There are a few things you can do to speed things up quite a bit.  I am not the expert, just jumping in to suggest you check out this thread:

Error 10 is a problem with Windows recognizing the unit.

Error 10 FAQ

You can also look at Device Manager and if there is a yellow triangle, Uninstall it and then run the Add New Hardware wizard. 

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> “It may just be taking a LONG time to refresh.”

I took out the SD card so that It should only be refreshing the 30 or so songs I have loaded to internal memory. I’ll give it a couple hours, but if that doesn’t work and you guys don’t have any ideas, I’ll send it back to amazon.

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Freezing or exceptionally long database refreshes are caused by 2 things. Bad ID3 tags (wrong format, missing info, foreign characters, etc.) or corrupted files.

MP3TAG can help with the tag issue. ChkDsk will find and correct any corupted files.