Sansa Fuze Frozen

I recently bought a Sansa Fuze 2GB and it worked fine until a little while ago. I was adding music from my laptop and it said there was an error in syncing so I un-plugged the Mp3. Now it’s frozen and just says “Writing” with a blue circle. My battery’s full…if that makes a difference. Can anyone help??? :cry:

slide the power switch up for about 20 sec to reset the fuze

Thanks so much!!! It worked!!!

I just got a Fuze and am having the same problem.  This may be a dumb question but when you perform a hard reset like you described, does it erase the songs, pics, videos on the unit?

Thanks so much for helping,


I wouldn’t say that “reset” is a good term to use.  “Shutdown” would probably be more accurate.  Holding the power switch only shuts the device down, even if it freezes, or refuses to shutdown the usual way.