My Sansa Fuze + freezes?

I have the new Sansa Fuze +, but for some reason it’ll occasionally freeze and stop working, like I’ll be playing a music video and the screen freezes but the music continues until the song ends, but then the screen stays and none of the buttons work, or I’ll be playing music and none of the buttons work and the same song plays over and over, and only works once the battery runs out and is recharged. I’ve had it since around June 2011. Is there anything I can do?

You can reset the FUZE+ by pressing and holding the top power button for like 20 sec or so. When the unit is already frozen, unless the screen is on, or sound coming out, you may not know it reset, but afterwards you can do the normal 3-sec press/release to turn the power back on & you should be good to go (it will go through a full scan, so it may take a while depending on how much Flash you have)

As to why it freezes in the first place, I have no info - mine does that too, usually at the most inopportune times.