Sansa Fuze sound/audio skipping problem

Hi, I have the Sansa Fuze 2 gig, with a Samsung 8 gig card in the expansion slot.  I have only owned it for a couple of weeks, but am now experiencing an audio issue when I play music.  The songs begin to stutter, like a CD with a scratch in it.  The music is all .MP3 format, ripped from CDs I own.  I do not have any actual music on the player itself, only on the card.  My firmware is the most recent version, and I have taken the precaution of formatting the player, as suggested in another thread about a similar issue.  Can anyone advise?


Reformat the uSD card.

also tried; not helping.

Another thing to add, if it helps; I’m using some crappy speakers at work when I play this.  These same speakers used to make my old Sandisk player (the little one that used a AAA battery) simply power down unexpectedly.  They never did it with my headphones, however.  Is it possible these speakers are causing some kind of issue?  I’ve never had this problem before with my Fuze, and I just played an album here at home with no problems (at home I have better, powered speakers).

Thanks for suggestions so far,


If you are getting good playback from the card on one set of powered speakers,  I would suspect the unpowered ones may be loading down the headphone output.

After trying this player on my personal headphones and the powered speakers again with no audio issues, I must conclude that once again these crappy old speakers at my work station are somehow causing the player to skip.  Strange that it is possible, but there it is.  Thanks all for the help!