Sansa Fuze/Rhapsody question

Hey everyone I wanted to ask a question about the rhapsody software and the Sansa Fuze. I purchased my Fuze in 2009 and used the accompanying Rhapsody software to load all my music and videos at the time. Where the problem comes in is now, two years later, I no longer have the personal loanssoftware and want to change things which I had before. Except I can’t even see anything which I used Rhapsody to load… I have tried several times finding the correct download, with no success. I can access the normal drives through a normal PC interface but everything I used Rhapsody is invisible to me. Can anyone help me figure out how to see/modify these contents? Any help or advice would be awesome! Thanks a million

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Change the mode to MTP and see if that makes the files visible. If not, change to MSC and look again.

Those modes are different pipelines into the Fuze from your computer. The Fuze doesn’t care how they got there once they are on the unit, but your computer can only see one mode at a time. So if Rhapsody was sending through a different pipeline that would make the files invisible to your computer until you switch modes.

You could also re-download Rhapsody software.