Sansa Fuze Read Only File system error can't delete or add files!

I can’t delete or add files to my sansa fuze. And now the screen freezes when its “refreshing your media”. I upgraded to the newest firmware and still have the problem. I was going to format my fuze but then the screen froze during “refreshing your media”.

I am having a similar problem: I can’t add/delete songs. I also can’t update the firmware even after follwoing the manual process.

Please let me know if you found out anything about this error.

I tried resetting to factory settings and reformatting. No luck!

plug your fuze into the computer. open the fuze to look at is files. goto your folders and right click on them. go to the general tab and go down. change the attribute

Which attribute to change it to?

If Read-Only is checked, change it. You can also try: Put the Fuze in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode). Connect it. Find it in Windows Explorer and right-click on it. Go to Properties/ Tools (tab)/Error-checking and check it. That may fix a bad file.