Can't Delete Read-Only Files

I accidentally put some undesirable mp3s onto my fuze+, and they were tagged as read-only. As usual, in order to do anything with the file other than copy it, I need to uncheck read-only. The problem is that, for whatever reason, that’s not an option for files that are already on my fuze+ (I’m using vista, if that matters). The checkbox is in gray rather than black, indicating it’s a feature I can’t access. If I try to delete the song directly using my fuze+, it tells me there is a file delete error. Using media player similarly fails to accomplish the task. So I can’t change the read-only status, and without changing it, I can’t do anything with the song. Please help. The read-only mp3s are actually the original versions of songs I edited for better portable play (cutting out long intros, merging two songs that flow together, repairing sloppy song breaks, etc.), so having them on my player is far from ideal.

The problem with deleting read-only files seems to only apply when they are 3 folders deep under Music (like: Computer\Sansa Fuze+\Internal Storage\Music\Iron Maiden[1981] Killers\Originals). Otherwise it just tells me it’s a read-only file and asks me if I’m sure. Also, I double checked and non-read-only files can be deleted wherever they are (even if they too are 3 folders deep under music).

One time I could not delete a track unless the player was in MSC mode.  Did you try that?  Settings->USB Mode->MSC, then plug the player in to the computer.

MSC mode lets me change the read-only status. Thank you; thank you!