Cant access music? and odd codes? Help D:

Alrightty, so i have a Sansa fuze and recently i found the cord and decided to put some more music on~ 

when i plug it in and go to the folders i have 2 problems

1 -  in my main folder i have these files that were not there before, what are they?~

2- This is my main problem. i have to manually delete songs on my mp3 player, before this i could mass delete them when clicking on the music folder but now when i do click on the music folder, only a few songs pop up that i just put on today.

i have over 200 other songs and they dont come up in the folder but they are still in my mp3 player D:

if anyone could provide any help, that would be wonderful~
Thank you.~ 

What you are experiencing is normal.  You’re just in a different USB Mode than you were previously.

Go into settings->system settings->USB mode and see what mode you are in.   it’ll either be in autodetect or MSC mode.  What being in autodetect mode does is this – the player will try to connect to your computer first in MTP mode (needed for subscription services and protected music), if it can’t, it’ll connect in MSC mode (a universal mode).    Autodetect is the default mode.  Most likely your device couldn’t connect in MTP mode and connected in MSC mode.

Those files that you see are the player’s system files and are seen in MSC mode.  MTP mode will not show you some of these files and there are other folders that appear in MTP mode that aren’t shown in MSC mode, like the album  and the playlist folders.

It’s best to just choose one mode or the other to avoid any confusion depending on how you use your player.

The songs that you can’t delete were placed on your player when it was in MTP mode, so you won’t be able to access them through your computer when the player is connected in MSC mode and vice versa.  You’ll have to manually switch modes to delete them.

The files you highlighted are system files that are used by the Fuze’s firmware. MTABLE.SYS, for instance, is the listing it makes when it refreshes your media–artist, album, etc. Leave them alone.