Sansa Fuse Files not appearing when connected.

The other day I connected my 8 gig Fuse to my computer and their appeared under music only 18 music files. All of which I have never seen before.

The Fuse works ok and I can access all the 5.1 gig of music on it . I can see all the music on the device when I am using it.

When displaying properties for the device it shows that I have 1.8 gig free 0f 7.9 gig

When displaying properties for the music folder it shows that there are only 19 files with 73mb used.

I put new musiv on it only 2 weeks ago and I could access all files then. The only thing I have done since was buy a new car radio and played my fuse through the Aux/Ipod connection…

Not sure how to proceed - as I cannot access the “hidden” files to delete etc

Should I reformat and just start over…

All a mystery to me. Appreciate any suggestionsd!!!

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode

Take it off Auto Detect and try MSC mode.  Your music is probably there.

The USB mode is how the files were put on the Fuze. The Fuze sees all files. But your computer can only see one mode at a time. You’ve either switched computers or accidentally switched modes.

Auto Detect sends it to MTP mode if Windows Media Player 10 or above is on your computer, MSC if not. 

MTP lets Windows Media Player control the Fuze for playlisting, synching, etc.–the idea was to give the Fuze an automatic music library software like iTunes for the iPod.

But you don’t have to use WMP, and apparently you don’t. Neither do I.

The files you never saw before were sample music sent over in MTP mode, so your other music is probably in MSC.

Anyway,  try both modes, see which one has your music, and switch it to that mode permanently.  If you don’t like the MTP files, you can delete them while you are in MTP.