Sansa Fuze preloaded contents - Download (removed)

Hello, I see that some members wish to recover the preloaded content that they’ve deleted by either formatting or through personal choice.

This (ZIP) file contains all of the music/photos/service files/video contained on the Fuze as preloaded by the manufacturing plant.


-Change “Albums” folder attritubes to ‘hidden’ after transfering to your fuze. “This is the folders original setting”

-Must have USB mode on as AUTO or MTP in order to restore this content on your fuze.


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According to the lawyers this type of distribution is not within the distribution rights. Thanks for the gesture but we will have to remove the download links and ask that you not make these available in the future.

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I think this is illegal. If the preloaded content were licensed to be publicly distributed, Sandisk would probably be hosting it themselves.

That’d be correct… which is probably why it is hosted on such a shady site…  though if you complained to them they would take it down…

That would not be very nice to people who DID have a right to it’s contents on their Fuzes… But it would be their fault for deleting it without making a backup copy on other media…

Personally I did make a backup… which I recently deleted in favor of my own music collection… 

If I ever ebay my Fuze V2 it will be without the factory package of content… I might include some PD music from archive dot org though… 

 not much reason to keep this thread open… given the first post is about illegal content sharing…


Shady site? It’s just a convenient place to upload files. If owners of the fuze originally had the right to listen to this music, then why not now?

This isn’t ‘illegal fire sharing’… The artists are not listed and this file can only be found by coming to this forum. Who else but Fuze owners are going

to download this archive? If it’s such an issue then I will rectify the release and and remove the music files. But for now, this is just a friendly gesture

ensuring that Fuze owners have a backup of the preloaded materials found on their music player.

Well, I did put my Fuze into MTP mode and extracted the files, but couldn’t see any of the preloaded content, nor was “Albums” visible. Can you clarify the step-by-step procedure, please?

The procedure should be fairly simple. Either have your fuze in auto or mtp mode via the usb menu in the system settings. Double-click on my computer on your desktop and you should see an icon resembling the fuze player. Double click it. You will see a list of folders inside of the window. All you need to do is drag and drop the files from the preload zip file into this window (drop files into a white area/ not into one of the pre-existing folders). Windows will probably ask you if it is ok to copy and merge the folder contents. Just click yes.

To reiterate - If you already have the preload zip files contents extracted to a folder, select the whole lot of the extracted files and drag them into the fuze’s contents window or merely drag the contents onto the fuze player icon in the my computer window.

You will see a new folder not present before after this procedure. This folder is named ‘Albums’. If contains some kind of library information for the preloaded songs. Normally this folder is hidden and not seen by the user. It will function normally whether it is hidden or not. This next step is optional and only serves to re-create the exact default settings of the fuze player. If you right-click on the Albums folder within the fuze window, you will see an option named properties. Click on it. You will see a tick-box by a word, ‘hidden’. Make sure this box is ticked.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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Thanks for the link. Downloaded the pkg to get the video, to see what all the fuss was about. Had it, but deleted it since I had no interest in postage-sized vids.

Didn’t know that was so fast. No pause, and I get a 500KB/s.

Oops, looks like big bro nuked the links.

what songs were they

fudge wrote:
what songs were they

The same ones that came on your Fuze when you got it.

fudge wrote:
what songs were they

Was it this?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It’s unlikely to be that song.  It has a 5 star rating and I would have only given the sample songs an average rating of 2 at the most. 

what songs were preloaded?

fudge wrote:
what songs were preloaded?

@fudge wrote:
what songs were preloaded?

The listing:

Mona Lisa by Chris Clouse & Carl Mann
Wax Museum by The Red Threat
Angel by The Jones Gang
Leaving Hollywood by Recliner
You Closer by Gretchen Lieberum
Women Wine and Song by Umphreys McGee
Next Time by Stoke 9
Starting to Turn by Andrew Paul Woodworth
Major and Minor by The Procession
Fumaza by Los Pinguos
Even Rats by the Slip
Cobbelstoned Waltz by Alias and Ehren
Danny Boy by Franc D’Ambrosio
Highway Appeal by The Caroline Movement
Little Black Backpack by Stroke 9
Morning After by Kevin Carlberg
Swingset Chain by Loquat
The Music by Felonious

thanks stripe1966

I like a wide spectrum of music, from many genres.  Well, there are exceptions.  I can’t listen to Pokerface without rolling the eyes and donning hearing protection.  The sample music distributed with the Sansas is with the intention of allowing new users to sample the device functions, and you get a taste of the supplied artists’ music.

They wouldn’t be too happy if these same tracks were openly distributed, of course.  It makes sense that they aren’t posted for download.

Some of the tracks provided as samples are pretty good, actually.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: