Sansa fuze music doesnt show up on windows explorer

hi…i recently broke my sansa fuze and i was going to send it in to scostumer service but i wanted to backup all my muic on it incase thery just send me back a new one but i can’t transfer my music off it because when i plug it in, it says there is no music on it and it was close to full before i broke it. i broke it so the spinny wheely thing in the middle doesnt work so i cant change the usb settings but im pretty sure that it was on auto detect. can some one help me with this like a link to a file transfer program or a setting to change in windows. i am running windows 7 ultimate…thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Try opening Windows Media Player first before you connect.It should connect in MTP mode.

If that doesn’t work, then close WMP and disconnect. Try connecting in MSC mode instead. Turn the unit off and slide the Hold switch so orange shows.  Hold the << button down as you connect. Open Computer and see if it shows up as two disc drives, one of which may hold your music.