SANSA FUZE music distortion while going with full treble and high volume (plays like scratched CD)

I have 8 GB FUZE, while listening music or radio or audio book does not matter which one, while FUZE has to produce treble sound at high end volume level it begans to shutter like scratched CD. When I lower the volume it goes on normal. No change with the different earphone, files plays normally on PC and other kind of MP3 players. 

Then updated it to fırmware 01.01.22, after a succesful update, there has been no change, still problem continues.

Does anybody have a solution for this problem.?

I think it is because of CPU (or what else inside) of the player can’t produce the sound in timely, and it cuts.

probably it can be solved by a new firmware or with a new update.

but I feel myself cheated… and I understand people who go with to Ipod…

Probably SanDisk won’t have any solution on his hand…

I wish I would wrong…


The problem is that you are using the equalizer and boosting the treble to max. It’s bound to distort the sound. I think this is normal although I haven’t tried it out nor want to. Why not just play with treble at a lower boosted level or flat eq?

@tekinner wrote:

I have 8 GB FUZE, while listening music or radio or audio book does not matter which one, while FUZE has to produce treble sound at high end volume level it begans to shutter like scratched CD. When I lower the volume it goes on normal.


What you are experiancing is ehat we call in radio “Ovemodulation” (Im not sure thats what to call it in the mp3 player world) But basically your player cannot handle the sound you are asking it to process. It clicks as the only way to make the sound you want. It kinda ■■■■■ but, there may be a solution. Try this Go to custom eq settings and turn the high end down (-12)  and see if it fixes the problem. If that doesnt do it or is unsatisfactory to your ear, try to use a program like Audacity to turn the volume down on the file, then resync it to your fuze. This is what I had to do, for my Speed and Thrash Metal songs.

With the lower volume levels there is no problem, but do you think that it is OK?

You pay for listenin music as well as you want, so do I…

to be have to listen music as my player want to do is not the value of the money I paid, as well as yours I think.

players ■■■■■… I wrote the problem to SanDisk but no response so far…

even cheaper players don’t have that kind of problem…

thanks for your response in any way…

Maybe its your player’s way of save your hearing from playing too loud. :smiley:

that’s the good side of it bro:)

I deal with distortion on a daily basis. Music is often created on technology newer than that which it is played on. So the music can do things that its player cannot. Tell me somthing. Set the EQ to normal. Set the player volume at abour 50%. Listen to the tracks that distort. Does it happen? When you add high end treble you are in essece distorting your file, play it at the settings that it was sync’d at, and see if there is an issue.

I told that it does not happen in lower volumes.

But the files are not new type, I had a cheaper chine product before, no name

that was played same files without distortion at more high volumes.

the problem is this: I don’t have to change the quality or use programs Audacity or any other to listen music. that is not the logical.

I want to copy my files on PC to this bulll**bleep** than listen.the files I upload ony 192 kbps, not above it…

I paid, it is true…

Can’t listen music as I want to do,  it is true…

it ■■■■■ completely, absolutely true…

the way you show me can be a solution but not for all…

When listening audio book it also makes it, not like music listening but in every five min. it breaks sound for a second than go on…

thank you

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Use more efficient earphones so you don’t have to boost the power output so high. Earphones and headphones can vary greatly in terms of efficiency.

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I use Bose earphones,

sometimes want to listen music with high volume but,

this sht does not allow it…

SanDisk must have to find a solution or compansate it…

companies call back defect products and I think this is not the specific problem…

if you have FUZE, adjust EQ to Full Treble, and volume to high and try to listen a music which have a little bit fast and have treble sounds.

Please just try, don’t forget to set volume to high from settings…

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I know exactly what it sounds like. I had it happen with some of my metal. I  got proactive made some adjustments and my problems went away, Now it works perfectly. If you refuse to change then you will constantly have problems, If it works with a setting but not with another then use the setting that works. It doesnt seem that far fetched. And I Dont care where you go what you use to mix if you max out your treble or your bass you will have an issue whether feedback or clipping or sometimes it wont play.

so should I change the quality of the songs?

or listen with lower volumes?

I just want not to hear any other from outside when I listen music…

Can accept but it does not change the reality that it ■■■■■ and does not deserve any of the penny…

Which Bose are you using? Try an in ear monitor. It is the main reason I was able to make the changes I made, I changed from over the ear headphones to In ear monitor style.

Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones

this is the earphoe I use.

But I don’t understand  “Try an in ear monitor” 

what is ear monitor?

Basically any ear phone where the phone is inserted into the ear and small rubber buffer seals off the ear canal. I use 2 sets of IEM

Professional Audio Gear | Musician's Friend   Uber Expensive Shure SCL5 


   $100 Skull Candy TiTans.

I do your bose just rest on your ear, or fo they actully go into the ear canal and seal it off? If they do that those are IEMs

Thank you but you know the prices:)

Those Bose Triport earphones seem to be only  97 dB /1mW in efficiency. The Fuze works much better with earphones that are 107 db/mw or greater. 107 db vs 97 means that the earphone produces 10 times as much sound for the same power input.

that is a good detail, but shoud you think that it would be solution to problem?

I think the low efficiency is the problem. Those earphones also don’t isolate so well according to the reviews, so you need to boost the volume high to block out noise. Due to the low efficiency, you need to boost the power output to 10x what you would need with a 107 db/mw earphone. Most of my earphones are 104 db/mw or higher efficiency, but they are older models. Some of the newer Sennheiser earphones and headphones for portable use(like the MX560 or PX100) have  an efficiency of 112-114 db/mw.

I have the 2gb FUZE with a 4gb micro sd card. Along with my variable bit higher end music files, the same thing happens on my 56kbit, voice only, LAME MP3, audio book files. I have to turn down the volume a bit in order to stop the cutting in and out. Quite annoying. This NEVER happened with my previous Sandisk m250… which my son now covets. Come on Sansa, get with the program!!!