Sansa Fuze - insufficient volume after firmware update

After the latest firmware update the volume at its max sounds like a whisper. And from the System Settings the Volume option dissapeared! Thought this setting is set to Normal and should change it to High. But the Volume option does NOT exist anymore. I use the same set of headphones. Any ideas? Can I go back to the previous firmware? or should I get another MP3 player? Every time I update firmware I have all kinds of problems! All the radio presets dissapear as well! But the volume problem is the most annoying… Thank you everybody in advance.

the max volume change is to comply with the new European Union requirement

click link below to download 01.02.28 to change this back

extract files above, then drag the extracted folder into the fuze drive on your computer, unplug it,

and the fuze should do the rest

Thank you for the quick reply. I draged the extracted folder into the fuze drive and unpluged but nothing happened. Expept the <Refreshing your media>…

try just draging the bin file(in the extracted files) in the root directory on the fuze drive,

but first delete the the folder you just copied to the fuze drive

Thank you very much. Worked! I understand that I should never update the firmware again…

no problem :smiley:

Please, explane me step-by-step, where i must drug bin-file. Because all my attemts are fails.

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well first download file and extract file in my first post, then copy the bin file in extracted files  onto the fuze internal memory(my computer,fuze,internal memory)

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Why throw out the baby with the bath water?  Leave build .31 on the device, and adjust your regional settings.  Select Reset Factory Settings , choose North America, and your preferred language.  For Europe, all you’ll need to do is select “rest of world” for your FM frequency steps.

Note:  You can leave the current build of the firmware installed on the device (current build is .31 or .33 depending upon the revision of your device).  Once you select “yes” to the Reset Factory Settings mask, the device will ask for your desired region.  For EMEA, be sure to go to Settings > Radio Options > Region and select Europe for the EU frequeqncy steps.

Just wanted to save you a lot of hassle!  Your volume option will again be available.

As for the volume, please use good judgement when listening to your music.  Keep that volume at a reasonable level, as your long-term hearing is far more valuable than a little loud music.  If the device is for your children, well, as a Daddy, I know how they are.  Perhaps that limited volume can be valuable for a time.  You can blame it on the EU regulations.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Interesting. I had just a doubt because when I turned on for first time my new (wow!) Fuze I was requested to choose language (chosen italian, I am italian) and region (chosen rest of the word, I am in rest of the word).

But as I knw that sometimes (as in this case) some function are disabled for laws on that region, I would like to know if “rest of the world” will preclude me some funciton and I should rather use north america…

It’s about the FM radio. North America and Europe have different gaps between stations.

Turn up the volume. Loud enough? You’re ready to go.

Thank You It works. I wonder why EU complicated our lives

No puedo descargar el fichero, al intentarlo, esto es lo que me venta. p>

"No parece que su Esté sistema configurado correctamente para ver este fichero " font> p>

¿Que debo hacer? font> / p>

Translation for Paloma (lo siento, no tengo idea, pero te traduzco para que otros te ayuden):

 Paloma said:

I cannot download the file. WhenI try, this message popup: “it seems that your system is not properly configuredto see this file” . What should I do?

Thanks a thought it was guffed! :wink:

This is a very useful thread. I was about to send the thing back.

The EU is a pain in the arse and I wish we could leave.

The president looks like an out of work musician, yet gets paid more than Obama who looks the part.

I wonder how many will get returned by the technical insavvy. The thing was whisper quiet. Who set the level to such a rediculous value?

I like the new volume level! I can now listen to my Fuze with the volume around the 1/2 - way mark on the indicator, and I’ve got more option for lowering the volume.

So I’m happy! (But it seems I must be the only person in the world EU who is)!


I bought a Fuze yesterday and the volume thing was so annoying and off-putting. The helpline for the chain of stores I bought it from (Currys) were useless - they had no idea what was causing it and simply advised I return it to the shop, an 80 mile round journey for me!

So, thanks to your helpful postings on here, not only have I got the player to work as it should, freed from that stupid EU interference-related firmware update, Currys are now aware of the problem and will, hopefully, mention it to anybody else looking for advice on the matter. @JuliaF - I guess that makes me the second person in the EU to be happy today! 

Living in the UK, I always knew that the EU was nothing more than a massive fraudulent operation to implement social control but this MP3/4 volume issue is about as unnecessarily intrusive on a personal level as it can get. 

Now that the silly glitch is sorted, the Sansa Fuze seems an excellent device - just what I was looking for to help me escape from another form of global hegemony - the nasty ipod!

What a great resource this forum is, I’m so pleased I found it - thanks again to everybody for the help today. 

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I ran across a story somewhere that was amusing…the English were blaming it on the French.  Good times.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: