Future FUZE upgrades. What would you like to see?

The Sandisk FUZE is one of the best and most versatile MP3/FM combo players I have ever owned.  Its a great little durable device with many functions packed into such a small package.  However, I would like to see some really useful upgrades to the next version of Fuze.  This would require physical changes, not just firmware upgrades.

There have been a lot of inquires about using Ipod accessories with the Fuze…that would be great if they were compatible with the Apple 30-pin connector.  Try that with the current pin configuration , and you’ll end up with a “blown fuze”…pun intended!  These devices are so popular, it would be really neat if Sansa made a modest line of basic speaker (boombox), FM accessories, etc. and allowed full function use and charging while on the cradle.

I use mine all the time for the FM radio function, and have also incorporated it into my XM Radio audio Aux input in order to distribute it throughout my home.

The “adapter” route would be a best secondary option, if licensing would allow it.  What do you all think?

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I’ve been using the internet for about 15 years.  You don’t need to try to lecture me on email and spam.  I know all about it.

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RE: Future Upgrade

I assume we’re NOT talking about replacing the player, just features and accessories…

1- if an adapter were available it would be great to be able to use iPod accessories

2- FM/voice recording format selection (wav/mp3 and rate) 

3- support for a wider range of video formats (not so important since we have multiple video converters now)

4- the ability to name radio stations and more easily jump between presets

5- user created theme support

You may notice that some of the features (4,5) are available under RockBox.

If RB ever supports the fuze 100% I think most users will go that way. (note: RB currently lacks recording ability on the fuze and video playback is glitchy).

That most definitely wasn’t a lecture, it was friendly advice.  No need for ruffled feathers!


how are we suppose to know that you use the internet for 15 yrs.you can’t be rude to the people that are trying to help you

I’ve been on the internet for well over 20 years and I try to avoid spam wherever possible…

I  want variable speed playback(between half and double speed) with pitch correction.

I also want  resume audiobook and  resume podcast menu choices, so that I could listen to part of an untagged audiobook or podcast series in folder mode, listen to some songs, turn off the player, then when I turn it back on, be able to quickly resume the podcast or audibook(and to resume folder browsing mode)without having to remember which specific podcast or audiobook file was playing last, and without having to scroll through menus.

I want audibook and podcast files that have been listened to completely on the player to have a mark next to them indicating they have been read, and a different mark if they were partially “read”. i want menu choices to delete read podcasts or to delete read audiobook files.

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Good to see the OP is clearly aware of all Internet traditions…

\* Ability to disable backlight when volume is adjusted.

\* Built-in Fiio E5-type amp.

\* Dedicated line out feature.

\* 32gb and 64gb storage on board.

I also want a playcount feature, so I could see the songlist sorted in order of most played songs and the count for each song,  and be able to play them in playcount order. A use it or lose it feature would also be nice, where I can tell the player to delete all songs not played within a month, two months, 3 months, etc.

I posted this information not to discuss spam and email, and I don’t take kindly to “commands” like “don’t”.  He could have sent a PM to me.  I have my email on the signature line, because I choose to, and I know about the effects of SPAM.  I also know how to filter most of it.   Besides, I like my spam fried.:wink:

Let’s stick to the subject please. 

On the hardware side, 32Gb base capacity, a MUCH more scratch resistant screen, a MUCH better power button (this tiny thing is crap) / more tactile feedback / control over the wheel.

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Given the special status of Audiobooks and Podcasts in the fuze, it would be nice if these genres could have their own home option icons on the home menu to separate them from the Music Icon [e.g. like Radio and Video are]…     

For Audiobooks (indeed any Music track), introducing full ‘wrap-around’ such as provided on the Clip and E200  would be very much appreciated.  When passing from one chapter to the next on my e200 and on my Clip if I want to rewind a bit (say over the last 2 minutes of the last chapter] it is just a matter of pressing the rewind button and back you go.  On the Fuze the rewind just stops at the beginning of the current track/chapter; to go back the last few minutes you have to go back to the beginning of the last chapter and fast-forward through the chapter, which is a nuisance and very hands on.   

But by far the most desirable update would be to have a slow and fast play speed option that was pitch corrected – the current option seems to me to be generally pointless [more a squeak or groan option] – maybe some work could be done on this whilst work on correction of  the pitch error on the Clip is being undertaken?


Keep up the good work.  :wink:

Hi all:

I echo what some other posters with some additional suggestions

  1. Higher capacity Fuzes+ bigger screens (say 2,5-3 inch screen)

  2. adapters for Ipod accessories

  3. integrated Bluetooth

  4. Native JPEG et PNG support

  5. Ability to view Youtube and other internet video sites natively


HEYYA People.!

@fuzeuser1,A BIGGER SCREEN WOULD BE GREAT.But it will ruin one of the greatest feature’s in this player which is it’s Size.A Screen at about 2 or 2.2 will do in my opinion.But more than that I’d love to see the Screen Resolution increased.If I were to watch movie’s I’d rather go for a Zune HD.Just my opinion.But the Fuze really need’s a newer GUI.

-What I’d love to have is a Newer GUI 


-Better support for Video’s.(Format wise.)

-An improved Sansa Media Converter.

And btw SanDisk.Great Job on the new Sansa Fuze Firmware,It was an essential update.BUT wish you could solve the Replay Gain problem on Version.2 fuze’s,As soon as possible.The new Firmware definitely improved the Radio. 



MicroSD for future Clip+ sized devices.

Regular SD for Fuze/View sized devices.   

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That would be interesting with 32 GB internally.  There’s probably room in the housing to accomplish that without enlarging the unit anymore.  I wonder if you could still add a 16 GB Micro SD card, thereby bringing the total memory to 48 Gigs!  That should be enough for most junkies.

I have the 8-gb model have several 4 and 8 gb cards for switching out Podcasts, other genres,  and movies.  That’s sufficient for my needs right now.

Gapless playback or a speaker built in the fuze for others to enjoy