Sansa Fuze Mp3 Player 8GB - Doesn't Start


i bought a Sansa Fuze Player 8Gb on november 2009. Played really well, until one week ago; each time I start it, it automatically shuts offs. I can’t even restart the player (have kept pushing the off/on button more than 20 secs, no effect), and i have been able (hard to believe) to update the firmware, but nothing else; i start the player, the “Sansa” title displays (sometimes it doesn’t have enough time to display the title) and automatically shuts off, same thing happens when i connect it to the computer.

Any ideas?

Btw, i have been enough stupid to throw the ticket purchase, so i can’t exchange/claim a repair in the shop, and i live in Spain (just for your info).

Thx in advance for any answers

you know it could be a defected sansa. have you tried sansa support or customer service. even though you trew away the reciept i think sansa might have a warranty from the company.

good luck

If you bought it by credit card, you should be able to get proof of the date of purchase. In some parts of Europe the warranty is 2 years. If the warranty is two years in your country, then from the serial number it might be determined that your unit was made less than 2 years ago so you would then be covered.

Thanks for the info.

I just phoned the customer service, and it seems like the offices are closed or maybe one person works there once per week, at least it looks how it works in Spain.

In the other hand, i bought the item by cash, so i can’t get any ticket.

I already bought an Ipod Touch, let’s hope i keep the receipt and it deceives me.


Even though this may not work, you could try running an error check on the fuze if your computer recognizes it.  The fuze can stay turned off while you do this.  And if that completes, format the player.  You’ll lose all your music and stuff.

Error check didn’t work…

but formating the player did work, and I had a backup safe of all the music in my pc harddrive. So now i can perfectly use it once again!

Thanks a bunch!

It’s good that you were able to format it. I thought you said it also turned off immediately when connected to the pc, so it couldn’t be formatted via the player’s menu or through the computer.