Player shuts off repeatedly

My 8gb Fuze (which was a refurb that I’ve had for about 2 years) has suddenly started shutting down regardless of the battery charge.  A few days ago it started doing this after playing for a while but now I power it up, the music display screen appears for half a second and the player turns itself back off.  What’s happening here? Is it near death?  Thanks in advance for any help.

(btw, I have a Sansa Clip I haven’t used in a long time on standby so if the Sansa’s history, at least I have a Clip for back-up.)

If your pc has copies of everything on the player, then format the player.  If you can, format it using the player’s menu. If not, then format it using your pc, then format it again using the player’s menu. If this doesn’t help, then download the latest firmware and manually install it on the player. Did this behavior start after downloading some new music to the player? If so, then the cause might be corrupt files.

Actually, it did start after downloading several samplers from Amazon.  I’ll try the re-formatting and go from there.  Thanks for the info!

So, I formatted the player from the player’s menu.  I then reloaded some of the deleted files.  The player was connected to my PC for 30-45 minutes then went off.  Now, back to the same issue: it will not stay on long enough to even play a song.  I pronouce it dead :-(   Does Sandisk repair these or would it be better to just get a refurb? 

The card might be the problem. To help troubleshoot the problem, you should first try to get the player working without the card inside. After formatting it, will the player stay on properly without any songs on it? Can it play the radio properly without turning off? Does it appear that the battery is charging properly? At first I thought it might be corrupt files causing the problem, but now I think the battery on the player might be worn out. did you use the player extensively for several years?

Sandisk doesn’t repair out of warranty players. It might be simplest to get a new player if the battery is the problem. Does it seem like it is charging properly so you ruled out a problem with the cable? I guess you probably don’t have a spare cable to try charging it with.

How did you reformat it when it keeps turning off?  I am having the exact same problem with my 4GB fuze, but it won’t stay on long enough for the computer to really recognize it.  While it’s cycling on, the computer brings up the Sansa Fuze window, but before I can even open that, the player has shut back off, just like you describe.  So, give me an idea how I might reformat it.  Thanks!

When you connect to the computer, the computer should power it. If not, either your cord has gone bad (replaceable) or the battery connection inside is messed up (not replaceable).

Try this. Leave the unit off. Slide the power switch down to click into Hold position, with an orange dot showing under the power switch. Connect the USB cord end to your computer. Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Hold down the << side of the wheel. Connect the cord to the Fuze.

It should pop up in Windows Explorer. You can right-click on the drive that says Sansa Fuze and Format…it to FAT32.