My Fuze keeps shutting itself off and back on

Hi.  I’ve browsed through all this forum but I haven’t found anything that is close to what I’m experiencing now.  First off, let me say that I’ve had my Fuse for a year now, it’s an 8gb fuze.  I really like it.

This morning, while listening to music, it shut itself off. I tought that maybe the battery was running low so I plugged it in my pc.   It then shut itself off again, and, within a minute, started again.  

I thought that maybe I had a corrupted file.  So I formatted it.  Then I plugged it in to the updater to get the latest version.  While uploading the latest version, the Fuze stopped working and reactivated itself twice.  The third time, it finally stayed on for the duration of the download.  So now I have the latest firmware. (.26)

But, it will not stay on longer than 5-7 minutes.  And my battery says that it’s 3/4 full.  Even when it’s plugged in it will stop playing.  Every time I try to put new music on the device, it stops working while synchronizing…then restarts again… meaning that the synch didn’t work and that I must do it again.  If I go song-by-song, it works, but after, as if it was getting bored, the machine stops working, and then, after 2-3 minutes, it starts working again, by itself. And the songs are not on the Fuze…  

I just don’t know what to do.   

I don’t want to throw it away, but it gets irritating to have to restart your device every 5-10 minutes…

Any ideas?

try updating/reloading the firmware first and then format it if the same issue occur.  If the problem is still unresolved, call sandisk. they might give you additional instruction to possibly fix the player and if not, they’ll probably process an RMA for you.

I tried that…the machine shut itself off while formatting from the computer.

The result?  It now says fAT file corrupted, that I should hook up to a computer to get it fixed…

The problem?  The computer either doesn’t see it or when it does, the Fuze turns itself off.

I’ve spent like 7 hours today searching through this website for help. 

I really appreciate any help you can give me.

Calling the company is my last option.  

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with the FAT files corrupted, my cpu will not even recognize the Fuze…it just tell me that I have a bus being used by an unspecified device but the cpu doesn’t have a driver for it…and when I look for a driver, I can’t use the Sansa ones…

I’m seriously needing help here.

My Fuze only displays the info about the corrupted FAT file and will not stay on for longer than 10 sec…my cpu doesn’t recognize it.


Hey. I wrote to Sansa last friday about my problems.  They even wrote back to me saying that I should expect an answer in the next 24h…

well…  I’m still waiting…and it’s been like 72 hours…


I need help because those Ipod products looks better and better every day I go without an MP3 player.

Did you know we could surf the web with an Ipod Touch?  The things we learn on the internet…

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Weekends shouldn’t be included when counting how long it takes to get a response. If you don’t hear from them by Tuesday, call them (1-800-SANDISK in the U.S.). Calling is always better than email for customer support anyway.