Turn on, Shut off?

Lately, every time I turn it on, it shuts right back off. Not because it’s dead, it just does it. Every time. Eventually it stays on after about the 7th time I do this. Sometimes it refreshes media, then cuts off. Also, it doesn’t stay on/turn on when I plug it into my computer. Any idea why?

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How long have you had your player and did it start behaving unpredicatably little by little or all at once?

If it happened all at once, what did you do just before the behavior started?  Any physical impact?  What files did you transfer to the player or other changes did you make?  If you recall, try reversing your steps.

What does the battery charge indicate?  And how many bytes of free space do you have on the internal drive?  Go to Settings -> System Settings -> Info and read the Memory and Free (directly thereunder) figures.  If the number to the right of the first or only Free is a single digit, try releasing about 50 to 100 MB by deleting files.

And as an aside, which firmware version are you using (displayed in the Info window as well)?

Do you have a microSD card in the external drive?  If so, try removing it.

If all else fails, try reformatting the player and re-installing the latest firmware.

I make the suggestions with the assumption that you can still revive your player at the least “after about the 7th time.”

Short of resolving the issue outright, your first steps should be to try to isolate the problem to the extent you can so that you can dismiss possible causes.

It happened all at once. I had dropped it a couple of times, but not exactly before it starting doing this. I would say about 5 days before this started happening was the last time I dropped it. Also, the last time I put music on it wasn’t in the relative area of when it started. The music wasn’t an immediate result of the on/off.

The “seventh time” thing isn’t working anymore; it’s not staying on for a prolonged period like it did yesterday. Because of the imediate turn off when I turn it on, I can’t answer a good majority of your questions about internal characteristics. The last time I remember, I probably had about 200 MB of space left. I also can’t delete files because it’s not realizing its connected to the computer when I plug it in. I have to turn it on while plugged in, and then it still shuts off.

i never realized there were firmware updates available, so I’ve never updated it previous to this. I believe the version is v1…11. My computer’s being weird also with the firmware software, saying there is no internet connection available when I try to update.

i have no microSD card.

I really thank you for the reply you gave. Based off the info I just typed, do you have any other suggestions?

A few questions:   when connected to your PC does it remain on indefinitely or power on itself like it should? If so it might suggest a battery or power issue… If you have the charger for it does it stay when connected to it?  And the real dumb question: is it actually on but the screen is off after 5 seconds or so?  If that were the case pushing the ‘home’ button or scrolling would make the screen reappear…

When it’s on and connected to the PC, upon disconnect you said it goes off before the library updates… That suggests that the battery might be kaput… have you left it hooked up overnight to charge and see if that helps?

One last thing… have you hooked it up to another PC to see what happens?  It’s remotely possible that your PC cannot power it enough to recharge it…  is it hooked directly to the PC or through an extrenal USB hub? 

As far as the PC not recognizing it, I’d think that until you can get it powered up and put it into MSC mode it would be difficult to say why that is…

Uhm, yes the cord stays in when I put it in. The backlight isn’t just shutting off. When the screen goes black, I push on the power again, and it shows the start up display.The Sansa cuts off.

A majority of the time when I plug it in, nothing happens. So while it’s connected, I turn on the power and then it realizes it is connected and shows the connect screen. Sometimes after that, it even shuts off.

It’s never had a problem charging or recognizing it before.

I’ve never tried another computer, but just now I barely updated the firmware, which still didn’t help.

You know what else is odd and weird? After I let out my frustration, it turns on. 

If I hit the back of it against something, it turns on, but turns right back off again.

How can it be pressure sensitive?

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might not be pressure, but a bad connection inside…  if one of the drops knocked something loose it might explain all the symptoms. A poor connection between the battery and the electronics…

do you have access to someone elses cable, it could also be that the cable is bad and it’s not charging

Things to try: different cable, different PC, both of those, various curse words…  returning it if it’s still under warranty (I bought the 2 year plan for $10 when I got mine at bestbuy, I suspect it will break accidentally around a year from now )

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Thanks. That would explain a bit.

I’m not sure if I got a warranty with mine b/c my dad bought it through his Dell account. i’ll see. Thanks for helping.