Player tried off, will not turn back on, tried resetting multiple times

I bought a Fuze 4GB player earlier today and noticed that while it was connected to my computer it suddenly turned off and no matter what I do it will not turn back on. I have tried the reset procedure more times than I can count and have also tried a USB wall charger to no avail. The battery charge was around 90% when I last connected it. The player acts like it is completely dead, not responding to being plugged in to a computer or a wall charger. Is there anything else I can try or is it truly dead?

Make sure it is turned off.

Put it on Hold (slide the power switch so you can see an orange dot).

Plug the USB cord into your computer. 

Press down and keep pressing the << button. 

Connect the Fuze to the USB cord.

This should force it it into MSC mode, the basic USB connection, and it should read Connected and the little battery picture should show it’s charging. 

Does that work? 

Thanks for your response. I tried that and it also did not respond at all. The player was also in MSC mode before (I use Linux).

If you just bought it and are having this problem, take it back. It’s defective.

Or try this procedure. No one seems to know (yet) why it works, but apparently it does.

Try this procedure. No one seems to know (yet) why it works, but apparently it does in some cases.

If I had this problem, I might consider letting it stay in its vegetable state for a few days (thus, letting the battery die), plug it in, and hope for the best.

However, since this is a pain, and the procedure Tapeworm discovered is much more straightforward, I would try his solution first, and use my idea as a plan B.