Sansa Fuze Froze[Picutre included] (4GB Black)

I was listening to music and i had shuffle on then it changed and it just frozed! so i click menu and everything frozed! I KEEP TRYING TO TURN IT OFF AND NOTHING!!



heres the image

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Okay I managed to fix this by pushing the power button up for 10 seconds and it turrned off.

Turrned back on and it works!

Does this always happen?? 

if you check your firmware and it ends with 07a, please update the firmware to .11a.  I believe this was a problem lingering in 07.

My friend recently had this issue.  With some experimentation, we tracked it down to a few MP3 files encoded with Variable Bit Rate at high levels.

Try to single out the file that caused it by playing on linear mode, rather than shuffle. 

I just had the issue and holding the button for 10 or so seconds finally turned it off. It has the updated firmware so idk what happened. ive played both songs that played just before and at the freeze up numerous times so i ahve no clue what happened… Thanks.

Yeah, it froze on me a few times as well (I suppose a certain number of bugs is inevitable), but holding the on/off switch for 10 sec solved the problem. It usually freezes on me when I want to do several things in quick succession. I guess we have to be patient with the little critter.

i have the .11 firmware and this same thing happened to me

i solved it with the same procedure…

hasnt happened since though…