My Sansa Fuze Froze

       When I was deleting manually from the machine itself… I can’t turn it off or anything… what should I do? Just wait for it to die out and try to re-connect it to the pc and hope it will work this time? I really hope it’s not broken… I had a ton of music on there. The way it looks when it’s frozen is just stuck on the Music Options menu thing the blue light is not on, I can’t turn it off by holding the button on the right side, I can’t even connect it to the PC because it won’t even detect at the moment because it’s frozen, otherwise it would detect it. I’m new here and I got this problem just now so please if you got any advice or tips I would really appreciate them. Thank you for your time.

Slide the power button up for 15 seconds and connect and update the firmware cause they fix that problem

I didn’t do that… but I did end up fixing it thanks anyway 

I’ve got the same problem, how did you fix it in the end?



I have the same problem too.  How do I fix it?  I reformatted it, lost all of my music :angry: and it’s still stuck.