Sansa Fuze error message


I am getting this message “synchronize to continue your music subscription” on the memory card micro I just added to my Sansa Fuze 8.  Did I do something wrong.  I brought the card off of Amazon.

Thanks for any help


That message means there are files with DRM (Digital Rights Misery) in them. You can’t just drag-and-drop those files onto the card. They have to be sent over by Windows Media Player with the unit in MTP mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode), which transmits the ultra-secret unlocking mechanism so you can use them.

First, take out the files you sent over. Then switch to MTP mode (if it’s not already in that mode) and send them again via Windows Media Player.  MSC mode lets you simply drag and drop, but it can’t handle DRM-“protected” files.

If you got the files from a subscription service (like Rhapsody to Go), you have to transfer them through the service’s player to get the DRM junk onto the unit.

By the way, your computer can only see one mode at a time. Files sent via  MSC are only visible when the unit is in MSC. Files sent via MTP are only visible in MTP. (There’s also Auto Detect but that just switches to one mode or the other–don’t use it, it’s unreliable.)

If they are your own albums that you ripped with Windows Media Player, go into Rip for settings. You’ll probably see the default which is .wma with Copy Protection–yes, protected from you!  Change the rip format to .mp3 in the drop-down box ,use good quality (192 kbps or above), save it, and never worry about this nonsense again.

You’ll have to re-rip old albums if you can’t get them to play by sending them via Windows Media Player.Rip them to mp3 and they are completely portable.

This isn’t Sansa’s fault–it’s the paranoid record labels. They’re afraid you will give your card to someone else, they will copy the albums and there will be no more money for record company presidents’ private planes.

By the way, a good thing to do with any confusing error message is to type it into a search box–either the one on this site or Google.


I will follow your instructions