Sansa Fuze best mp3 player from Sansa

I know this probably won’t happen, but I will still post this, as others feel this way.  They should bring back the Sansa Fuze.  You know these Sansa Fuze players are going for such high prices on Ebay and such.  They can’t give those Fuze Pluses away, they go for much cheaper on ebay and sites that sell new or refurbs.

Imagine a classic Fuze with slightly improved specs.  They don’t even have to upgrade the hardware, as they can squeeze more out of it like rockbox does.

I don’t like touch screens.  I have no desire to touch the screen of my television to change a channel or play a video, I don’t understand why so many mp3 players/phones etc are touchscreen.  I like my mp3 players and video screens to be clean and clear without fingerprints.  

I have two fuzes since 2010 and they are still both in great working condition.

I’d love to see this as well. My Fuze+ is a joke, although slightly reprieved with Rockbox.

Same Fuze with its tactile buttons, no touchpad, scroll wheel (It Just Works -  Sansa!) with some imrovements: My older View was better than the latest, and higher capacity.

Faster processor, faster flash - it takes too long to Autofill each time, and even drag&drop large volumes takes too long.

Much larger flash. 32GB internal should be available. I have multiple players now, with various sdhc cards up to 32gb, but it would be nice to have larger internal as well.

Just do it Sansa. Please.