What Do You Think Is Good About The Fuze?

*This thread is for those looking for a good mp3 player*

People can get bad impressions on the Fuze via these forums. So, for Sandisk, I’m going to make the first, well probably, thread that has nothing to do with it’s problems, but what’s good about it.

First of all, the Fuze is well built and easy to use. It’s simple, well featured and very well priced. But all electronics mess up, everything from Fuzes to the most stable of iPods. So here’s where they go find a solution. They post a problem and someone looking for an mp3 player sees this forum and thinks, Wow, this thing’s really messed up! But that’s really not the case. So go out and buy one for yourself.

Now I (And anyone in the market for an mp3 player) would like to know what you think of it!

I think it is the absolute best value you can get in an MP3 Player today. It has one of the best SQ I’ve ever heard, a very good form-factor, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, microSDHC slot, Photos, Videos, the ability to record radio, Folder Browsing, very fast browsing (the transitions through the menus is a lot faster than the 4th-generation iPod Nano, and it doesn’t slow down while playing songs unlike the iPod Nano), a Physical Wheel and a Home/Now Playing Button, all for about $70 for the 8GB version.

With Rockbox, it gets so much better: gapless playback, games, Calculator, tons of Apps, Picture Flow (Like CoverFlow, just a lot faster), A lot of sound settings, like cross fade, time-stretch, dithering, pitch, Graphical EQ, Custom Themes, the ability to put your own backgrounds, any font you like, any color you like, Rockpaint (you can design the backdrop on the player itself), Rename, Copy, Paste, to and from the micro sd card, and so much more. And all this on the player itself. It’s so versatile, for example, I want to use the fuze now and someone wants to listen to one of my recordings, with no access to a computer at the moment: a simple solution, pop in a micro sd card, copy it over, pop it into a player that has a microsd slot(Creative (some with SD Adapter), Sansa, Etc.) and Viola! 

Thanks so much Sandisk!

I agree.My SansaFuze is the best MP 3 player I have ever owned.Plus,it’s a lot more affordable then most of those cruddy Ipods.In my opinon,the Ipods can not match up to the awsomness that is the Sansafuze.Sansa rocks.

Ah, yes. Almost forgot about the unmatched sound quality. That was one thing I was looking for in an mp3 player. And it supports .ogg sound files. Not to mention the voice recorder and memory expansion (I really need that because on an iPod or a lot of other mp3 players, once the memory’s gone . . . It’s gone!). My Fuze is working nearly perfectly! Not a problem here!

Ah, but its one flaw . . . Scratchability. That’s it! Sturdy. It will/should survive a fall or two.

All the good stuff just keeps on coming . . . Wait. Another! Sandisk has great customer support (in my opinion)!

Ok. I’ve got to stop now before I break my keyboard.

I know that I’m merely repeating what was said. But when my first mp3 player was a Coby MP 7095. It sucked so when I looked for my new player, my criteria were ID3 support, External memory and decent screen size. I got them all. I got an even better surprise when I heard the sound. The audio quality is great and it doesn’t just support mp3 and wma. It also reads ogg and flac. Contrarily to what some people say, I think that that thing is really intuitive. The menu is kinda boring but I don’t care when I jog or on other occasions. Battery life is good for me as long as it lasts a whole day cause I charge it every night with my USB charger. The ability to connect it in MSC came very handy when I installed Ubuntu on my computer. Well, of course it also supports MTP but I don’t really like to have to load Banshee whenever I want to add some music. The ability to add some more space is just to cool for me. That means that I won’t have to leave some song which I like behind. It’s always cool to be able to view some videos once in a while. I has great Audiobooks and Podcasts management. All that is left is to add manual bookmark and gapeless playback.

I just can’t wait for Rockbox to be officially supported. I know I could try it now since it’s almost done buy it’s the only DAP I have and I can’t afford to get a new one.

What I love about my Fuze:

  • MSC mode (Mass Storage Class, as in it works like a USB thumb drive)
    It means I am not forced into using special software like iTunes or Windows Media Player just to put music on my player: I can drag and drop music from the file explorer. It also means I can easily use it as a thumb drive to transport data files in a pinch.

For me, MSC is mandatory and that was the sole reason I chose Fuze; I was pleasantly surprised to find it a genuinely great player in its own right. I know not everyone sees MSC as a necessity, but the ability to transport data files is potentially convenient for everyone.

  • The Interface
    There is a button that brings up the “home” menu. The fourth spot on the scroll wheel brings up an options menu so you can easily toggle shuffle and repeat, among other things. Music > Albums > Play All with shuffle on is my default play mode: if I hear a song and want to hear the rest of the album, I can simply turn the shuffle off and then back on when it’s done, without interrupting the stream of music. Furthermore, there is an actual power switch, not a play/pause/power combo. Ever borrow someone else’s player and then drain the battery because you didn’t hold the button quite long enough? I’m banned from my boyfriend’s iPods for this reason (but he likes hair bands, so it’s no big loss IMHO).
  • GoList
    I can add or remove items from this playlist on the fly at the touch of a button. If I want to listen to the Police’s discography in chronological order (Music > Artists > The Police > Play All is alphabetical), or play all my blues and blues rock (Music > Genres > Blues > Play All won’t get the early Zeppelin), or go through and simply pick a few specific songs I’m in the mood to hear today, the GoList will do it.
  • MicroSD slot
    I won’t have to buy a whole new player just to get more memory. I cringe at the thought of trying to find another player that does MSC.
  • FM Radio
    I admit, I rarely use it and probably wouldn’t miss it much if it were gone. Still, the reception and sound quality of the radio is awesome, better than my old Samsung stick player.

First I bought it because of the price.  Good price for a little player.  I wasn’t going to pay for an ipod if all I wanted it for was music and audiobooks and podcasts.

That was pretty much all I needed in an MP3 player.  Small, took audio, was inexpensive.  I knew the SanDisk name from Flashsticks and took a chance on their player (it was on sale, so why not).

Then I liked that it had radio.  Soemtimes I want to listen to the news (we have one on an FM station).  And now they put the talk radio on the FM dial too.  Plus I didn’t start with much music and could change it as needed.

Then I liked that it had voice recording.  I used that a few times and it’s nice to be able to record when needed.  I could also copy it out and put it on a card or e-mail it if needed (a coworker needed her voice recording for something and this made it easy).

Then I liked the external card.  Love having it for additional memory.  I have cards for various things.

I may be one of the few, but I do like to watch movies on it.  I haven’t for a while because I have a Netbook now (have to convert them for that because no DVD drive, but they work better actually).  But I did enjoy that for the longest time and still have them converted if I want to (that was the nice thing about the cards, I can just pop one in to watch, no computer required).

I like the folders and seeing them on my computer.  I wanted a copy of some things for home, so I could easily copy them for my home computer for my own personal use, then I can charge my Fuze on my Netbook and listen to my music.

I can’t think what else right now, maybe someone will mention it and I’ll agree… :wink: