comparing MP3 players and a question.

okay well the first two MP3 players I’ve had are both great and I’m nowhere near done with my current one but I have been think that there are some features I’d like in and MP3 player and was wondering if the fuze best reflected this or if there was a better one. (this is purely hypothetical in case something happens to it) I currently have a fuze and I like it there are just a few defects.

  1. the screen’s not big enough for me.

  2. you can’t simply plug it into a tv and watch your videos on that.

  3. when you put files like photos on the fuze it automatically assumes that you want them in your photo file. while I gues this makes sense I find it annoying

  4. way too much scrolling

  5. the photo go list is messed up.

  6. the videos are extremely laggy.

the first one is my main concern. I like watching videos so the small screen kind of annoys me. however if there were a solution to the second it would sort of cancel the first out. I know that there are the zunes if I want a big screen but that’s only on the very high gig models which I currently and most likely never will ahve much use for.

number 3 i gues I could live without . number four is a must. number five I would prefer and number six is also a must. is there any mp3 player that accurately reflects this or not?

oh and I’m rather ignorant of this so what is the differenece between mp1s, mp2s, mp3s and mp4s?

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The Sansa View has a bigger screen and you can connect to a TV, but it seems like a lot of people have had problems with it. The Creative Zen also has a bigger screen, and is usually reasonably-priced.

MP2 is an older digital audio format, not used much

MP3 is a common digital audio format

MP4 is a format for storing digital audio and video, typically used for audio/video

The scrolling with the Fuze is much improved with the lastest firmware version.

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The Fuze is a basic mp3 player that has nice sound quality and a card slot. Imo video on it is not worthwhile. If you want a high quality video player with a large screen, plenty of storage, video out, etc. then expect to pay much more. There are some nice video players however they are mostly around $400 or so. The Fuze is under $100. Don’t expect so much from it. For the price it is a good deal.

I actually like video on my Fuze and have been using it a lot.  I hadn’t even planned on using it for video when I bought it, figuring that was a nice add on feature.  However, some people don’t like he samll screen for video.

  1. when you put files like photos on the fuze it automatically assumes that you want them in your photo file. while I gues this makes sense I find it annoying

Do you mean you want it to go to a specific photo file?

I can’t remember how I corrected that (it’s been a while since I’ve done photos).  i think I created a folder in MyComputer and then dragged and dropped.

Check out “Cowan”, or  I-audio products - not in stores web sites only, Korean made, and very high features. daughter has the little G3 MP3 player and it is a marvel. there video/MP3 Products have amazing features. check Cnet reviews

The Fuze approaches the ideal for a music player.

The iPod Touch approaches the ideal for a video player, though there’s considerable work converting videos (I use iLove 3.8 for Win).

ignore #3.

now on to Mp3 plauers. I have heard about a couple different mp3s and the one that appeals to me most is the PSP. not technically an mp3 player but it sounds like it’ll do what I need it to. the only thing I wonder about the PSP is whether it has a lithium internal battery (my preferred kind) or battery batteries.

a slightly off topic question. how do you get firmware updates?

also I don’t have the money for an ipod touch and eve if I did I wouldn’t buy it.

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“The Fuze approaches the ideal for a music player.”

 It is one of the best values in mp3 players available now, however it is nowhere near being my ideal mp3 player. What do I want in an mp3 player?

  1. Powered by a AA battery(or else a standard inexpensive easily swappable lion battery such as the 18650)

    I want to use rechargeable batteries that are under $5 each,  and easily chargeable outside the   player, preferably up to a few at a time. 

  1. navigation by a choice of folders or tags, with the ability to disable the option of tag browsing so that cards

  can be swapped with no delay time for rebuilding the database.

  1. Having a memory card slot(or perhaps more than one card slot?)

  2. Having variable speed playback between half and double normal speed with automatic pitch correction.

    (this is very important for spoken word files)

  1. having both AM and FM radio.

  2. having a microphone jack and being able to record in mp3 at a user selectable bitarate.

7)Having a standard mini USB connector.

  1. Ideally a customizable display, being able to choose what is displayed, where on the screen it is displayed,

     and how large it is displayed.

  1. Play time of at least 40 hours(even if this means a rather basic small text only screen).

  2. A high enough output to power almost any headphones(okay, not 600 ohm ones).