sansa fuze 8gb folders problems

I cannot rename folders or ad new folders to my sansa fuze.   I am using windows vista. When i plug in my mp3 the new folders and renamed folders show up on my computer but once i unplug

and look on my sansa the new folders dont appear and the renamed folders are the same old names… for example i added a folder called “club2” and “rave” on my computer and renamed my “manson”

folder to “best2”… When i unplug my sansa and check the folders  IT JUST SAYS “NEW FOLDER” and all the new music i added are just all lumped together into that one folder…i cant separate my music into

2 folders “club2” and “rave”  … also my renamed folder that i adjusted “best2” does not show up as renamed…it still remains as the old name which was “manson”

It sounds like you are connecting your Fuze in MTP mode. If you are not using protected files, and have copies of all the music on your player also on your pc, then I suggest that you format your Fuze using ithe player’s  menu, which deletes all the files on the player. Set the USB mode on the player’s menu to MSC. Reconnect the player, and copy the music to the player.

Folders only show  on the player if they  contain files the player can play.
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