Can't Delete folder/directory

I have a fuze 8gb with the latest firmware update. I’m having a problem removing empty folders from the music directory. I tried to copy a music folder from my laptop to the fuze. The copying process did not work all I got was a folder with the artist & album name and a sub-folder and no mp3 files. I then tried to delete these folder and got the message ’ Cannot Remove sub-folder: The file of directory is corrupted and unreadable’; operating system is windows xp, home edition. Is there any way to remove these folders? or will I have to reformat the fuze?



Try ChkDsk  first.

Thanks for replying. I dont really understand the link though if I’m honest. Does the link suggest to reformat the fuze? wiping off all the albums I have on it. The fuze still works fine and the problem album/folder does not show on the fuze display it’s just in the music directory doing nothing.

Sorry re-read the link again and it makes sense. Will try the fix later on and post the result.

Thanks. Procedure worked and now I can delete folder on my Fuze.