All music was deleted >:(

I came here last week with the complaint that my Fuze had decided on its own to start deleting some songs and albums without rhyme or reason.  I once again had to go back through and figure out which ones were gone and put them back on the player.

Well low and behold, in the middle of the night on Friday night it some how deleted every song.  When I turned it on on Saturday it said, “Refreshing Media” which made me nervous since I hadn’t hooked it up to the computer in two days (it was running perfectly fine on Friday, by the way), and when it got done “refreshing” everything was gone.  I go into artists, albums, etc., and nothing is there.  When I hooked it up to the computer it said the device was nearly full and did I want to delete the music.  I said no and opened the files on the computer (every one of them), but they were all empty.  Check my fuze again and still empty.  Hooked it up to the computer today - still being told it’s full.  Open all my files, nothing there.  So somehow overnight the Fuze decided by itself to delete 2600 songs.  I am beyond annoyed.  Any ideas?

You probably should have posted this in your previous thread, rather than starting a new one. That way whether it gets resolved or not, any others with a similar problem can follow the discussion. Plus anyone replying will know what’s been said and/or tried so duplicate suggestions will be avoided, saving everyone time and trouble.

Did you try my suggestion of reformatting and re-loading in MSC mode to see if the phenomenon still persisted? If you did and it does your next logical step would be to call SanDisk Tech Support. You may have a hardware-related issue that can’t be resolved without replacing the unit. If it’s still under warranty they can set you up with a new one.