FUZE 4GB - Corrupted music files?

I have found that approx 250 mp3 files, in the range of E - Q (names) cannot be played on my device anymore! Using Vista 32-bit Win Explorer, they would not play from the device OR when I transferred them to my hard drive! No luck!  These files are located in the internal memory of the Fuze.  Also, I have notices that ALL files on my player have had their file dates changed to 5/30/2005 11:00PM. Thirdly, I attempted to delete the bad files but, it seems that when I re-boot the device, many of the corrupted files re-appear on the file listing in Win Explorer!!!  Is my internal memory disinigrating?



Um, it doesn’t sound good.

You could try putting it in MSC mode and Error-Checking. (In WIndows Explorer, right-click the Fuze driveletter, Properties/Tools/Error-checking.) That may work to delete bad files for you. (Don’t “save bad chains” or anything else if prompted.) Or it may not.

If you are willing to reload everything, you could  Format from the Fuze menu (under Settings/System Settings) or (second choice) from Windows, to FAT32. Sometimes Format makes problems go away, even though it’s time-consuming to reload.

Both are woth a try. And if they don’t work, it’s probably time to think about a replacement player.