Help -- just synced Sansa Fuze 4 GB and folder names not retained

I just synced my wife’s Sansa Fuze 4 Gb using Windows Media Player and the folder names are not retained. It is displaying folders using the artist names and that’s not how the songs were listed – they were listed on the PC as “Classic Country” etc. What happened? I have a Sans Fuze 2 Gb that displays them correctly when I sync the folders… How do I fix this??  I’m going to try to re-do it in a different USB mode using windows explorer to load the files and see if that makes a difference, but why the difference between the Fuze 2 Gb and the Fuze 4 Gb?

Message Edited by TomJensen on 05-03-2010 06:39 PM

I understand that. I did that and it worked. My question, then is “Why does MTP mode work on my 2 Gb, but not on my wife’s 4 Gb?”

On my Fuze, MTP mode always puts the songs in folders with the name of the artist, and a subfolder with the name of the album.  The other ways to organize (e.g. genre) come from tags.

The only way I see to organize the folders another way is to command the loader to use a different structure (MediaMonkey will do it, I don’t know about WMP) or do the transfer in MSC mode.  The commands to get your loader/organizer to use a different structure go into the loader, not by direct copy.

That’s very interesting. I wonder why my 2 Gb is working “properly” in MTP mode? Oh, well… Thanks all. Guess I’ll keep using Windows Explorer to transfer files to the 4 Gb device.