Folder Wierdness

I loaded up my Fuze with music folders I have on my computer.  Browsing the Fuze via my computer shows the folders with names as I created them.  However, when I browse on the Fuze, the names are all messed up (e.g., “Classical” has become “7F030000_NewF…”).

Is this a problem with the Fuze I just bought, or is there some other reason?  My other Fuzes have not had this problem.

1.) You probably transferred them in MTP mode, which sometimes can cause this. Format and re-load in MSC mode.

2.) The Fuze reads ID3 tags, not file or folder names. Edit your tags with a utility like MP3Tag.

3.) If 1.) & 2.) aren’t the problem, then blame it on that Woot re-furbed special you bought.

LOL!  Thanks, Tapeworm.  Not ready to give up on this one, yet.  I formatted, but am in the middle of re-transferring files.  I recall that when I did this the first time, I had created new folders on the Fuze, via my computer, and wondered if that might be the issue.  Going to just drag and drop, this time, and delete off what I don’t want on the player.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll check the MTP vs. MSC settings (going to go to Wiki to figure out what those mean)…


PS  If all else fails, I’ll invoke my Woot! 90-day warranty!

Unless you really love Windows Media Player, which controls the unit via MTP, stay in MSC. That’s simple drag-and-drop.

WMP adds the numbers so it can index the files faster.