Sansa Fuze 2gb stuck on refreshing media

so like i dropped it in the library and then it had to refresh my min sd for some reason knowing that it  started to show a little progress in refreshing but it stop and doesnt like go nowhere how can i fix this i know nothing wrong with my sd card:/

Try resetting it. Push the power sliding switch on the side up and hold it there for 30 seconds. Release, then push up momentarily and see if it will start up normally.

aww man i think my mini sd slot is messed up :o cuhz i tried another sd it giving me the same response

Does it power up correctly with no card in the slot?

yeahh i can use it without the mini sd card it works fine and everything

How long did you wait before deciding it was stuck? Depending on the number of files and how they’re tagged (tags in a format Sansas don’t like can dramatically increase DB refresh times), it can APPEAR that the player is frozen when it’s really just taking a long time. You amy also have one or more corrupted files on the card, which can cause the same problem.

uhm just today like this morning idk it was working fine and errthing till it dropped on the ground then i was like whatt why isnt it loading so i had to go listen to my internal music :frowning:

It sounds like something in (or connected to) the card slot definitely got the worst part of the impact when it was dropped. Bummer . . . but it could be worse; at least you can still play from the internal memory.