Cannot u/l music to this Fuze!!

I have tried numerous times to u/l music to this fuze. u/ling a folder is impossible as the thing just locks up. If I u/l a single song that works sometimes. I have u/l’d folders to it in the past. Funny thing is this is only used at my bedside and has never been abused. Could it be the brand of micro SD card that is bad?  Any ideas guys?

Try reloading the firmware. Is the USB mode on the player set to MSC? Using card memory with MTP mode can be problematic.

Looks like it was a POS SD card! Fixed!!  =)

Have you tried holding the power switch(about 10-15 seconds)? That happened to me once, and I had to perform a hard-shutdown. try it. If it doesn’t work.

The card is bad. End of story.