sansa fuse + Playlists not showing

I can get the music files to sync over. But the related Playlists are not showing up on the sansa. ? I used windows Media Player. Create the playlist and populate it with music files. After I synced,  the music shows up. But the playlists are not listed in the playlist menu. 

I followed the manual, which is rather outdated. I tried “nuking it out”, also. After several hours, I give up?  

How in the Hell do you talk with someone? Those stupid computer generated answers simply does not work. This thing is being returned today!!!

Did you try pressing the middle of the touchpad, as opposed to the play button?

If you really wish to avoid getting frustrated, I would advise you got to the Rockbox website, and learn how to install their software onto your device. When you get to their website, look for the “wiki” button on the left of the screen. Then, find the Fuze+ section, and read on.